Art Safiental

Lithic Alliance

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Old Acla-Tunnel (north portal) – GPS: 46.76397, 9.34559 – From north portal new Acla-Tunnel 25 min.

In its installations, the research project Lithic Alliance tests new forms of interaction between people, the environment and materials. In the slowly decaying old Acla tunnel, it installs a playable lithophone, a sound body made of stones from the Safiental. The frame for this
local herd gates, which at the same time block off the impressive holes in the tunnel floor. Percussion beaters hanging in the tunnel entrance invite to acoustic experimentation and sonic experience of place and material.

Installation, sound, participation

Walk through at your own risk. Max. 20 visitors. Good shoes.

Collaboration: Piera Buchli, Luc Isenschmid
Support/thanks: Daniel Buchli, Gemeinde Safiental, Forst- und Werkdienst Gemeinde Safiental, Sebi Nauck