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Art Safiental

Every two years, an international outdoor exhibition with a changing focus on the latest trends in Land and Environmental Art takes place in the Safiental (Grisons, Switzerland). After New Land Art (2016), Horizontal – Vertical (2018) and Analog – Digital (2020), the theme for 2022 is: Learning from the Earth.

Around 15 national and international artists will create temporary works related to the theme, in dialogue with the landscape and mostly in outdoor spaces. The works are distributed throughout the entire Safiental (25km in length, 150km² in area) and can be visited for free and without charge for about four months a year. A short guide with a map is published for each exhibition. In addition, a broad program of events and mediation is offered. Among the more than 50 contributors to previous editions are Lita Albuquerque, Atelier für Sonderaufgaben, James Bridle, Bob Gramsma, Ingeborg Lüscher, Melodie Mousset, Raumlabor, Analia Saban, Roman Signer and many others.

A short guide with a map provides the exact locations of the artworks and interesting facts about the exhibition, the individual works, Land and Environmental Art and Safiental.
The last two editions of the Biennale attracted around 10,000 visitors each time. The festival centre is the Berghotel Alpenblick in Tenna, which also houses the ILEA Institute for Land and Environmental Art and where the summer school Alps Art Academy takes place.

Exhibition duration: 2. July – 23. Oct 2022
> Exhibition theme and artist list
> Information Map
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> exhibition catalogue (online from Aug 22)
> Press review (German, 22.6.22)

Edition 2022: Learning from the Earth
Edition 2020: Analog – Digital 
Edition 2018: Horizontal – Vertical
Edition 2016: New Land Art

Com&Com: Bergkanzel (2016-2022), Art Safiental 2020, F: ILEA