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Safiental is located in the canton of Grisons (Switzerland). Since 2013 the municipality has incorporated Valendas, Versam, Tenna, and Safien and extends in a north-south direction from the Rhine Gorge to the Safierberg at the intersection with Splügen. The area was originally farmed by Romans, which is still evident in the old field names. From the end of the 12th century the Walser emigrated from Upper Valais to Grisons and the Safiental was settled by them. The valley is a popular hiking, skiing and touring area committed to nature-based and sustainable tourism. In 2011, the world’s first solar ski lift was put into operation in Tenna.

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To the north, the Safiental terminates in the imposing Rhine Gorge which, with its rugged cliffs, islands and floodplain forests, is one of the most magnificent and varied landscapes in the Alps. In 1977, it was included as one of the first areas of Switzerland in the “Federal Inventory of Landscapes and Natural Monuments of National Importance”.

The Safiental is part of the Beverin Nature Park. The Piz Beverin forms the center of the park’s perimeter. The park extends from the Viamala gorge, in Schams, to Sufers, and into the Rheinwald, over the Safierberg to the Safiental and up to the Rhine Gorge. The cultural diversity of the Beverin Nature Park is reflected in intact townscapes, scattered traditional settlements and carefully managed cultural landscapes.

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Historisches Lexikon der Schweiz: Safien