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ILEA: ACLA: Texturen

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ILEA: ACLA: Texturen

Tenna Mitte, Berghotel Alpenblick – GPS: 46.74698, 9.33944

The research exhibition over 3 floors at Berghotel Alpenblick in Tenna, which also houses the ILEA Institute, provides an insight into the ongoing sound art and research project ACLA by Marcus Maeder, a long-term eco-acoustic observation of the Aclatobel natural forest reserve. The project is also part of the Art Safiental Biennale 2022, as part of which a permanent listening post has been set up in the Acla-Tobel. The exhibition will feature computer drawings, landscape photographs and images from wildlife cameras in the study perimeter. Website of the project:

Exhibition, drawing, photography, video, website

Collaboration: Marcus Maeder, ILEA Institute for Land and Environmental Art
Support/thanks: Daniel Buchli, Simon Casanova, Gemeinde Safiental, ANU Graubünden, Art Safiental Biennale, Sascha Skraban, Berghotel Alpenblick, OBANplan GmbH Tenna, Naturpark Beverin, Ken Gubler, Pascal Derungs, Jean Claude Plattner, plattnerfilms.