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Program Closing Event

Please join us for a big finale with great events and presentations on the last two days of the Art Safiental Biennale.  > Flyer

Fyler 1 Programm Finissage


Baptism on Bergkanzel

On Oct 9, the outdoor baptism of Anton Ben Anakena, son of Hanna Hölling and Johannes M. Hedinger  took place on the Bergkanzel by Com&Com



Successfull 3. Alps Art Academy




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Alps Magazine

“Das Digi-Tal. Das Bündner Safiental ist eng. Doch seine Bewohner sind so offen, wie man es selten in abgelegenen Alpenregionen erlebt. Frische Ideen und mutige Projekte..”
Thank you ALPS Magazine, Ute Watzl and Lisa Hörterer for the lovely and comprehensive article on our art initiatives and valley.



ILEA Talks: critical grounds


The symposium will take place on the first weekend of the Alps Art Academy, September 26/27, 2020The first day of the Conference “CRITICAL GROUNDS” addresses a critical discourses regarding landscape, its change, perception, and use: the second day presents several art initiatives working in the peripheral, rural and alpine areas. Due to restrictions caused by the Covid-pandemic, this year’s the symposium will only take place within the Academy and will not be open to external visitors. But we will stream the talks free of charge and live for all interested parties.

Speakers: Annemarie Bucher, Sally de Kunst, Ryan Dewey, William L. Fox, Johannes M. Hedinger, Michael Hiltbrunner, Hanna B. Hölling, Marcel Hörler, Tara Lasrado, Dharmendra Prasad, Emily Eliza Scott, Chris Taylor, Curdin Tones, Rebecca Uchill, Karen Winzer
Link  Live Stream
Link Live Stream Sunday

Detailed program: HERE
Program/Handout – info/download


Doc film Robotic Event

“The Ascent Of The Robots” is a short documentary about three teams of scientists participating at the ETH Science Weekend, as part of ART Safiental 2020. Filmed by Leon Riener (Rienerschnitzel) in collaboration with ETH Zurich.

and a short version just with ANYmal


Finally mainstream

The Art Safiental Biennale was featured as a question in the quiz show “1 gegen 100” on TV SRF1. and the candidate eben new the answer! 118980588_3487295721383632_5077130419664284489_n


ETH Science Weekend

ETH Science banner

Programm Sa/So 5./6. Sept

11-18 Robotics Show (zwischen Berghotel Alpenblick und Turnhalle Tenna)
11.00 Synaesthetic Dance (Dauer: 20 min., Turnhalle Tenna)
13.00 Synaesthetic Dance  (Dauer: 20 min., Turnhalle Tenna)
13.30 Robotic Hike (Tenner Alp – Tenner Chrüz) – wetterabhängig
15.00 Synaesthetic Dance  (Dauer: 20 min., Turnhalle Tenna)
17.00 Synaesthetic Dance  (Dauer: 20 min., Turnhalle Tenna)
19.00 Synaesthetic Dance  (Dauer: 20 min., Turnhalle Tenna) – nur Samstags

Am 5./6. September 2020 findet im Rahmen der Art Safiental in Tenna das gemeinsam mit der ETH IRIS (Institute or Robotics and Intelligent Systems) organisierte Science Weekend statt. An beiden Tagen wird um 13.30 «Robotic Hike» mit den Modellen “Myosuit” + “Anymal” von der Tenner Alp Bleichtaboda (1938 m.ü.M.) aufs Tenner Chrüz (2020 m.ü.M.) stattfinden.
Myosuit, ist ein tragbarer Roboter, der die Beinfunktionen und somit das Gehen unterstützt. Das Exoskelett erkennt anhand der aktuellen Körperstellung, wieviel Kraftunterstützung gegeben werden muss. Entwickelt wurde Myosuit durch das ETH-Labor für sensomotorische Systeme in Zürich unter dem Laborleiter Prof. Dr. Robert Riener. Der tragbare Myosuit wurde zwar für Menschen mit Muskelschwäche oder Gehbehinderung entwickelt, am 5. und 6. September in Tenna dürfen ihn aber alle Interessierten für einmal selbst anziehen und ausprobieren.
Begleitet werden Myosuit von der vierbeinigen Laufmaschine Anymal von Professor Dr. Marco Hutter (ebenfalls ETH). Hier ein Kurzfilm des Anymal in Aktion.

ETH Science pic

Parallel wird um 11.00, 13.00, 15.00, 17.00 Uhr (am Samstag zusätzlich um 19.00 Uhr) in der Turnhalle von Tenna der Synaesthetic Dance “Continuous|Discrete” aufgeführt. Diese wissenschaftlich-künstlerische Tanzeinlage wird den Aspekt Digital versus Analog durch spezielle optische Effekte ins Rampenlicht stellen.

ETH Dance

Aus der Projektbeschreibung: Dance is the most expressive form of human movement, kept alive by the continuous concatenation of action patters. So what happens when we break these pieces apart? With a synaesthetic combination of music, light and dance, this performance explores the discretization of the continuity of human movement, the human body and its environment. WARNING: This performance may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

Marie Nüzel, lives and works in Munich as a choreographer and performer with a focus on physical performances. The biographical theme occupies a key position in her work and so the individual and his or her lived history is often the starting point for the development of her pieces. Choreographic works of her have been shown at the Festival Zürich tanzt (CH), Activate Performing Arts Poole (UK), Blackbox/Munich (DE), Maqamat Dance Theatre in Beirut (LIB) and Theater HochX/Munich. (
With a background in computer science, Roman Saratz spends most of his time between his profession as a software architect and his passion for DJing and technological gadgets. For this performance, Roman is in charge of music and light design.
Based on her education in Robotics Engineering, Marie Georgarakis is currently developing textile-robotic assistive devices at the Sensory-Motor Systems Lab at ETH Zurich, led by Prof. Robert Riener. For this performance, Marie was involved in the conception and created the stage design as well as costumes based on the lines of non-extension of human skin.



SRF Kulturplatz

Art Safiental some of its work  served as a frame of context and presenting for the special on ‘Digitalization of the school’ from Aug 19.
Featured works are by frölicher I bietenhader, Ester Vonplon, Bruno Jakob, Patrick Rohner, Marie Velardi und Jan Robert Leegte.
The whole show can be seen here. – Below an excerpt with the scenes from Art Safiental.