Art Safiental

Patrick Rohner

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A SAFIEN PLATZ, at the power plant – GPS: 46.80675, 31434 – from Versam-Safien railway station approx. 5 min
B VERSAM-SAFIEN (railway station), Rhine Gorge – GPS: 80675, 9.31434 – from Versam-Safien railway station approx. 5 min
C AREZEN, at the Fatscha tunnel – GPS: 46.77958, 9.33947 –
D TENNA, INNERBERG, on the way to the playground– GPS: 46.74155, 9.33172 – from Tenna center approx. 15 min.
E NEUKIRCH, on the way to church – GPS: 46.71328, 9.32712 – from post bus station 10 min
F THALKIRCH, along Walserweg – GPS: 46.63391, 27878 – from Thalkirch church approx. 10 min.
G WANNA, on the way to the waterfall – GPS: 46.61151, 27862 – from Turrahus approx. 30 min. / from PP Wanna approx. 5 min.

In his three-part work, the artist addresses the consequences of climate change. For his video film, he scanned the Rabiusa Delta with a drone as it enters the Reinschlucht. Visitors can watch the film live in nature on their mobile device at seven locations in the valley, which are among to the most endangered in the canton. Panels with a QR code leading to the film online have been set up. A second intervention is a slide presentation of a rock face at Safien Platz, which, mounted on three municipal vehicles, travels daily through the valley. The third part consists of 14 “stone drawings” which will be created in the Carnusatobel over the summer and will be exhibited at the ILEA at Berghotel Alpenblick after the Biennale. A part of the work can also be seen in the parallel Bregaglia Biennial.

video, installation, intervention, photography, drawing

ASSISTANCE: Norbert Möslang, Sebastian Lienert, Jürg Zürcher, Kurt Wegmann, Peter Hubacher, Invar-Torre Hollaus, Helmut Weissert, Roland Stieger, Benno Büsser, Lukas Zindel
Kulturfonds des Kanton Glarus, Stiftung Anne-Marie Schindler, Gemeinde Safiental, Kraftwerke Zervreila AG, Daniel Buchli, Thomas Buchli, Paul Gartmann, Biennale Bregaglia, Galerie Mark Müller, Berghotel Alpenblick, Jolanda Rechsteiner