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Denis Handschin

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Denis Handschin: #DAILYSHEEPNEWS

Safien Platz, z‘Cafi – GPS: 46.68227, 9.31577


The Basel-based artist is spending his second summer in the Safier Alps for his long-term project. Last year, as a part of his process-oriented work, he completed an apprenticeship as a shepherd and an internship with the Buchli family in Zalön.  He will spend this year’s alpine season with a herd and their sheep in the Safien Valley and produce a “Daily Sheep News” bulletin which will report on his life together with the sheep entrusted to him. The news is distributed digitally via the website as well as through various social media channels worldwide. In addition, in the former Z’Cafi in Safien Platz, a growing archive will present the analog products of this process-based work.

Situational process work, installation, photo, website

ASSISTANCE: countless sheep from the Safien Valley
SUPPORT/THANKSMigros Kulturprozent, Anita und Simon Buchli, Angelika Bandli, Johannes Hunger