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Guided Tours Art Safiental

Join us for an Art Hike over Art Safiental! – The guided tours bring you to a selection of the artworks in Safiental. Artists and/or the curator who joins the tour are sharing background information. For Details + Booking go to HERE
There are two tours offered:
Tour A: Tenna – Versam / Tour B: Tenna – Thalkirch.
22. Julz 2018 (with Johannes Hedinger/Jolanda Rechsteiner) – Tour A
19. August 2108 (with Matthias Bildstein, Marianne Halter, Mario Marchisella) – Tour B
23. September 2018 (with Gabriela Gerber, Lukas Bardill, Johannes Hedinger) – Tour A
7. October 2018 (with Jolanda Rechsteiner u.a.) – Tour B