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Opening hours
Exhibition duration: July 6 – October 20 2024
Most of the artworks and projects are located in public spaces can be visited daily and free of charge. Performances are limited in time and availability (see details under Work/Events).

Exhibition venues
The exhibition is very extensive and takes place over the entire Safiental with a focus on the four villages of Versam / Tenna / Safien Platz and Thalkirch. The exhibition cannot be visited in its entirety in one day. Plan at least two days or two visits if you want to see the whole exhibition. Different routes are suggested, each grouping a few works in a meaningful way.  Please also use the free art info map, which will be available from July 5 at all Safiental Tourism information points, in the village stores and inns in the Safiental and will also is available here for digital download.

How to get there
Public transport: With the Swiss Federal Railways SBB to Chur, change to Rhätische Bahn (RhB) and travel to Versam-Safien Station, there change to the post bus and travel via Versam to all stations in the Safiental. Duration from Chur: 45 min., from Zurich: approx. 2 hours
By car: via Chur on A13, take junction 19 in the direction of Bonaduz, then keep going in the direction of Versam and shortly before turn left to Safiental. Duration from Chur: 45 min., from Zurich: approx. 1 hour 50 min.
By Flight: The closest airports to Safiental are Zurich, Switzerland (2.5 h to Tenna by train / bus) or Milan, Italy (5.5 h to Tenna by train / bus). We recommend to travel via Zurich.

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