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Simon / Odermatt

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Simon / Odermatt: VIA CAPRICORN

A: Wanna, Stall – GPS: 46.60928, 9.27798 – Ab Staubecken Wanna 10 Min., from Turrahus 30 Min.
B: Alperschälli – GPS: 46.59973, 9.30259 – Ab Staubecken Wanna 2 h 30 Min., from Turrahus 3 h.
(difficult mountain hike)

The work of the artist duo is located at the end of the valley on the “Alperschälli”, the transition from Safiental to Schamserberg at 2500 m a.s.l. Every year the wooden posts marking the hiking trail are worn down and have lost their typical red and white color stripes. Behind this is the resident capricon colony, which wear their horns on the posts. Some posts have now been modified so that each one makes it more difficult for them to shed their horns again in a different playful way. The stations are called: In the Lake, Colossus, Mini, Cactus, Long and Thin and Stakeyard. Those who find the demanding tour too rigorous can visit the documentation at Wanna, including worn trail markings.

Sculptures, participation, photography

Collaboration: Paul Gartmann, OBANplan GmbH Tenna, Sebi Nauck
Support/thanks: Paul Gartmann, Daniel Buchli, Gemeinde Safiental, Swiss Helicopter