Art Safiental

Lara Almarcegui

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Lara Almarcegui: KIESWERK

Safien Platz, KWZ Parkplatz – GPS: 46.67807, 9.31562 – From Safien Platz post bus stop 5min

The Spanish artist collaborates for her action with the gravel plant Safien Platz and makes the transformation processes of rock material visible and tangible. The gravel plant deliberately interrupts the gravel process every Friday from 12 to 1 p.m. and lets the work rest. Once a month, the public has the opportunity to visit the idle plant guided and to wander among the resting materials shaped by water and nature before becoming part of a new construction process.

Action, video

Official visiting days (12pm-1pm each): 1 July, 26 Aug, 2 Sept, 21 Oct 2022; gathering at 12pm at the entrance of the gravel plant. On all other days it is forbidden to enter the site.

Collaboration: Thomas Rickenmann, Lukas Züst
Support/thanks: HEW AG, Jon Ruinatscha, Andre Deflorin, Ruedi Gartmann, Kraftwerke Zervreila AG, Wieland Hunger, Daniel Buchli, Institute for Land and Environmental Art