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Tenna Mitte, Institute for Land and Environmental Art c/o Berghotel Alpenblick – GPS: 46.74698, 9.33944

Since 2019, the long-term oral history project “Safientaler Gespräche” (Safiental Conversations) has been running, in which audio interviews are conducted with valley residents as well as employees and participants of the ILEA projects. So far, over 50 conversations have been conducted, resulting in about 30 hours of audio material. Of this, about half has been transcribed to date, resulting in about 200 A4 pages. Currently, this material is being prepared for a website, and parts will also be published as a reader. All conversations can be listened to in an online archive:

Research, Audio, Website

Collaboration: Dominik Landwehr, Johannes M. Hedinger, ILEA Institute for Land and Environmental Art
Support/thanks: Lena Witschi, Dani Lopar, Sternenjäger, alle Gesprächspartner:innen