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Dharmendra Prasad

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Dharmendra Prasad: GRAS MUSEUM

Tenna, Innerberg, Moos-Stall – GPS: 46.74631, 9.33524 – From Tenna center 15 min

The Indian artist spent three months in Tenna as an ILEA resident, setting up a grass museum in a 150-year-old barn that changed continuously during the biennial. After initial participatory experiences haying with local farmers, grass found application as a material and medium: grass changed the architecture of the barn and brought people together on the subject, also the non-human position of grass as a personality and a tool was explored.   > BROSCHURE
Update: The “Grass Museum” will be extended beyond the Biennale. While the façade can also be visited during the winter season, the exhibits will be displayed with other photos, drawings, texts and videos in the ILEA Gallery at the Berghotel Alpenblick (27.12.22 – 30.3.23)

Installation, participation, process

Collaboration: Shazeb Shaikh, Lena Witschi, Rhea Braunwalder, Sarah Bahr, Akash Sharma
Support/thanks: Pro Helvetia (To-gather), ILEA Institute for Land and Environmental Art,
Josi Messmer, Alex Messmer, Benedikt Joos, Thomas & Tanja Buchli, Barbara & Stefan Joos, Sebi Nauck