Art Safiental


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Rhine gorge near Isla – 46.79314, 9.30129 – from station Valendas-Sagogn 50 min, from station Versam-Safien 50 min

Already for the fourth time the walk-in mountain pulpit of the artist duo appears at a new location in the Safiental. While the wooden box gave a new insight into the valley in 2016 at the very back of the valley, in 2018 at the very front and in 2020 in the middle, this year it leaves the geographical river valley of the Rabiusa and offers for the first time a view into the Rhine Gorge. The mountain pulpit invites the visitors to make great speeches or to stay quietly. Those who wish to share their thoughts can do so by using the guestbook.

Installation, Participation

Collaboration: Naturwerk AG
Support/thanks: Claudio Caveng, Ernst & Bernadette Buchli, Swiss Helicopter, Jolanda Rechsteiner, Thomas Schmid