Art Safiental

Ben Vautier

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Rhine gorge at mouth Carrera – GPS: 46.79542, 9.28824 – from Valendas-Sagogn station 20 min.
Rabiusa river delta near Wanna – GPS: 46.61043, 9.27776 – from Turrahus 30 min.

With a remake of his text panel “Terrain Vague” (1961/70), the artist, who lives in Nice, directs the viewer’s attention to intermediate places in a state of flux. The term, which goes back to the film of the same name by Marcel CarnĂ© (1960) and there described the urban wasteland, can be associated with emptiness, absence, but also promise, the space of possibility and expectation. The panel appears in two places in the valley and shows that the rural landscape is also in constant upheaval and full of potential for the new.

Installation, text, context

Collaboration: Piera Buchli, Luc Isenschmid, Sebi Nauck
Support/thanks: Ben und Eva Vautier, Gemeinde Safiental, Rangerteam Rheinschlucht