Art Safiental

Melodie Mousset

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Thalkirch, Church and parking – GPS: 46.63784, 9.28011

Ausschnitt Mousset

The water tunnels of the Zervreila power plants, which run through the Safien Valley, are emptied and checked for maintenance every five years. The artist used this window last summer for a performative walk through the mountain. The artist undertook the seven kilometer walk from Safien Platz to Thalkirch through the mountain, alone and for the most part in complete darkness. What is left from this journey is a film and photographs, now presented in Thalkirch, in front of the rock behind which the tunnel runs. The work makes visible what is otherwise hidden in the mountain: it follows the traces of the water and takes us on a journey with and within ourselves.

Video, photography, installation, performance

ASSISTANCE: Miguel Buenrostro, Lukas Gruba, Stephan Schenk, Dolphin Club, Martin Schaufelberger, Roger Gentinetta, Casutt Druck & Werbetechnik AG
Kraftwerke Zervreila AG, Wieland Hunger, Kirchgemeinde Safiental, allesmassiv, WETA Radio und Fernseh AG, Philipp Werlen, Eva Gredig, Esther Kuhn Stoffel