Art Safiental

Manuel Rossner

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Tenna, Innerberg – GPS: 46.74187, 9.33272


Building on drone images of the Safien Valley, this work uses VR technology to create a new landscape, complemented by digitally formed sculptures. Equipped with VR glasses, the visitor hovers about a hundred meters above the ground to see gigantic yellow, green, red and blue inflated color lines in virtual space. They lie on rivers, form new walls and thresholds, draw paths and mountains. They are an extension and reinterpretation of the topography which we otherwise explore on foot. The VR station is located in the haystack of an old stable, which grounds us in the reality from which we depart to encounter this VR experience.

Virtual Reality Experience

Please note the separate technical instructions at the venue and use the masks provided, which can be disposed of in the bucket.

ASSISTANCE: Gianin Conrad, Benedikt Joos
Roehrs & Boetsch, Alexander Messmer, Sebi Nauk, Urs Auchter