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Lucie Tuma

A Wanna, Way to Z’hinderst – GPS: 46.61334, 27934 – from Wanna car park approx. 60 min (mid tempo)
B Rheinschlucht, Way to the Chrummwag – GPS: 46.80723, 31114 – from Versam-Safien railway station approx. 40 min (mid tempo)


Æmber Tardis comes from a place without time. Everything happens simultaneously. This enables her to be everywhere at the same time. In the summer of 2020, she takes visitors on a journey. With a mixture of science fiction, precise observation, research and somatic practice, the choreographer and artist weaves several layers of temporality into a personal, intimate narrative in the form of a two-part audio walk. With the help of her alter ego Æmber Tardis, these micro-observations, specific stories and the climatic peculiarities of the Safien Valley are staged as a pleasurable appropriation of history and as a kaleidoscopic and critical fabulation. That was how it was, or how it could have been, back then, 241 million years ago.

Audio walk, sculpture
Please download the Audio file below (D/E) via the links below on your mobil device. Download best with a Wifi-Spot in the valley or at home. The use of headphones is recommended. – There is also the option to borrow a MP3 Players with the Audio walks at Berggasthaus «Turrahus» resp. at «Café zur Einkehr».

Download Audio Walk Waterfall

Download Audio Walk Rheinschlucht

COLLABORATION: Susanne Affolter (Sound Design), Patricia Bianchi (Production), Riikka Tauriainen (Objects)
Gianin Conrad
Migros Kulturprozent, Alpgenossenschaft Grossalp, Gemeinde Safiental, Susi Rothmund (Photo)