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Jan Robert Leegte

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Jan Robert Leegte: SELECTION

Valendas, Grauhuus – GPS: 46.78788, 9.28252


After you have downloaded and installed the freely available Augmented Reality (AR) app “Fatschadas” to your mobile phone, you can discover an animation on the facade of the Grauhuus in the center of Valendas. The digital overlay plays with the aesthetics of computer-aided applications such as tracking or facial recognition. For a computer to understand the analog world, it has to translate it into digital signs and operations. It starts with the selection of contrasting differences. The exhibited work also reveals otherwise concealed technologies in your camera, creating a contemporary ornament.

Augmented Reality, App

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Download the “Fatschadas” app to your smartphone or tablet free of charge from the Apple Store or Google Play. Stand a few meters from the front of the house. Open the app and point the camera of your device towards the center of the facade. After a few seconds the virtual artwork will appear on your screen.

ASSISTANCE: Nedislav Kamburov
Daniela und Hanspeter Brunner, SOMALGORS74