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James Bridle

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James Bridle: DRONE SHADOW

Valendas, Bahnhofstrasse – GPS: 46.78768, 9.28098
Ilanz, Town Hall Square – GPS: 46.77394, 9.20457


We live in a world of drones. Most of the time we don’t see them. They watch us without us knowing who is controlling them. With his large 1: 1 outline of an MQ-1 Predator, the artist makes this unnamed flying object, which usually operates at a height of around 8 km, visible in the narrow streets of this small Graubünden village. Drones also represent the political processes, invisible networks and systems which surround us every day. Those who cannot perceive them cannot act accordingly and are powerless towards them. The artist says: “The task then is to make such things visible. To understand the world, you sometimes have to draw it.” Then a debate can start. Drawing a drone is a first step.

Street painting

ASSISTANCE: Gianin Conrad, Benedikt Joos
Gemeinde Safiental, Töni Gujan, Walter Marchion