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H.R. Fricker

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H.R. Fricker: MEIN STEIN

Versam, Haus Signina, Hauptstrasse 35 – GPS: 46.79253, 9.33710
Several restaurants und Guesthouses in the valley


The Appenzell networker and conceptual artist H.R. Fricker has a special connection with stones. After collecting around a hundred in the valley for the last Biennial, this year he invited the local population to loan him their favorite stone. These native stones have a special meaning or history and a selection of them can now be found at a small exhibition, along with the stories attached to them. They draw a sociogram of both the places and the people in how they are handled and presented. Pictures of the stones and their stories also appear on place mats at most of the guest houses in the valley and are thus disseminated, experienced and discussed away from the conventional presentation of art.

Intervention, installation, place mats

ASSISTANCE: Vreni Fricker, Jolanda Rechsteiner, Benedikt Joos, Hampi Schiess, alle Leihgeber
Gemeinde Safiental, Erna Kehl