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frölicher | bietenhader: CTRL + S (PREKÄRE STELLEN)

Bäch, Bächer Hütta – GPS: 46.65206, 9.27264 – From Bäch approx. 30 min

frölicher I bietenhader- “ctrl + s (prekäre Stellen)”, Art Safiental 2020, 4MB

In media technology, a glitch is a short-term disruption in the output of image and sound content which may also be witnessed by the viewer as brief mosaic of different colored blocks. Such a picture error seems to have crept into the landscape above Bäch. It is neither a defect of vision nor is the viewer trapped inside a film. Rather, he/she is standing on an alpine meadow. The apparently volatile pixel error in front of them is real and three-dimensional and it covers a Walser stable. The cladding of the old barn with an envelope of pixels addresses the technological changes affecting architecture and agriculture and is reflected in the title of the work: Ctrl + s which refers to both to the keyboard shortcut for saving a digital file as well as the physical imperative for conservation and preservation.

Park cars at the beginning of Alpstrasse and walk to the work. Please stay on the street to view the work and do not enter the meadow or the stable.


ASSISTANCE: Sebastian Bietenhader, Angela Staffelbach, Daniel Bietenhader, Lynne Mathews-Bietenhader, Melanie Joos, Giuliano Krättli
SUPPORT/THANKSMigros Kulturprozent, Richnerstutz, Regula und Hanspeter Bandli