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Ester Vonplon

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Ester Vonplon: I SEE DARKNESS

A – Old Acla tunnel, North portal – GPS: 46.76361, 34586 – from the north portal of the Acla tunnel approx. 25 min
B – Valendas, Gasthaus am Brunnen – GPS: 46.78797, 9.28256


The photo artist used the old closed down Acla tunnel for several weeks as her studio and laboratory. The tunnel functioned largely as a camera. The sparse light from holes and side tunnels, for example, was captured with light-sensitive photo paper. The resulting images were also developed on site in the tunnel. The images were then scanned and, in some cases, digitally processed. The final results can be experienced at two different locations, both conventionally framed in an interior and presented in an unusual outside space, the tunnel entrance. Experimental arrangements and the temporary studio can also be visited in the tunnel itself. A postcard edition of the pictures created in the tunnel will be available.

Photography, installation

Tunnel walk at your own risk. Max. 20 visitors. Appropriate footwear advised.

The exhibition at Gasthaus am Brunnen is closed on Mo+Tues. The exhibitions can be visited from Wed – Sun.

SUPPORT/THANKS: Gasthaus am Brunnen, Gemeinde Safiental, Forst- und Werkdienst, Gemeinde Safiental, HEW AG, Galerie & Edition Stephan Witschi