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Camanaboda, Safier Heimatmuseum – GPS: 46.66822, 9.29041 – About 30 min from the Camana junction (bus stop)

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“Human life is like the sound of a hollow log, it doesn’t ring for long,” was the motto that Balser Buchli carved into his wooden Walser house in Camanaboda in 1707. In his work, the artist takes up this phrase on transience. He digitized the original lettering from 1707 and, in a multilingual, virtual animation, constantly transformed the words into new and fleeting shapes and meanings. The animation can be experienced as a digitally augmented reality superimposed on the original house facade. First download the freely available augmented reality app to your mobile phone. Once installed «Fatschadas» will allow the visitor to enjoy the animation on the facade of the Safier Heimatmuseum.

Augmented Reality, App

Download APP via Apple Store
Download App via Google Play

Download the “Fatschadas” app to your smartphone or tablet free of charge from the Apple Store or Google Play. Stand a few meters from the front of the house. Open the app and point the camera of your device towards the center of the facade. After a few seconds the virtual artwork will appear on your screen.

ASSISTANCE: Nedislav Kamburov
Verein Safier Heimatmuseum, SOMALGORS74