Art Safiental


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Glaspass, Innerglas – GPS: 46.68161, 9.32933
From Safien Platz approx. 1 hour 30 min/ from Usserglas approx. 30 min

12_comcom Kopie

For the third time, the walk-in mountain pulpit by the artist duo Com & Com is present in Safien Valley.  As before, it has been positioned in a new location offering a novel perspective on the surrounding landscape. Created for the first exhibition in 2016, the wooden box appeared at the back of the valley near the waterfall. In 2018, it appeared at the top of the Versamertobel. In 2020 the mountain pulpit will appear in the middle of the valley, at the end of the old mule track over the Glaspass, a steep hour’s walk above Safien Platz. Perched on stilts, it will offer an overlook over the entire valley. The pulpit invites visitors to hold speeches or to contemplate. If you wish to share your thoughts, use the pulpit’s guest book.

Enter the installation at your own risk. Max. 4 visitors.

Walk-in installation, guestbook, intervention

ASSISTANCE: Salzgeber Holzbau, Simon Allemann, Swiss Helicopter, Gemeinde Tschappina
Municipality of Tschappina, Salzgeber Holzbau, Montalta Transport + Kies AG, Regula und Ralf Schmid