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Paul Barsch & Tilman Hornig: SANITARY CERAMICS

1 Thalkirch (Thaler Lotsch) – GPS 46.639533, 9.278613
2 Bawald – GPS 46.648254, 9.274631
3 Camaner Hütta – GPS 46.663218, 9.276493
4 Camanaboda – GPS 46.667490, 9.289579
5 Safien Platz (Rüti) – GPS 46.679856, 9.306300



The work of the artists Paul Barsch and Tilman Hornig returns recently banished sanitary furniture to the alpine meadows. At the Safier Sagenweg, between Safien Platz and Thalkirch, the artists have installed five silvered washbasins with an ironic nod to the bathtubs once repurposed for animal husbandry. The work is part of a series the two German artists began collaborating on in 2016 in which everyday sanitary furniture becomes the locus for various artistic interventions. In the version created for Art Safiental the sinks are equipped with flutes, which are also playable with care.

Ceramic washbasins, plastic recorders, silver chrome lacquer

Approx. 4 hours from Thalkirch along the Sagenwegs Safiental (until Safien Platz)

ASSISTANCEMitarbeiter Forst- und Werkdienst Gemeinde Safiental, Martin Schaufelberger
SUPPORT/THANKS: Alpgenossenschaft Camana, Andreas Buchli, Ueli Blumer, Hans Peter Bandli, Christian und Ernst Zinsli, Sebastian Lenggenhager