Art Safiental


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Valendas: Gasthaus am Brunnen, Café Mäntig
Versam: Gasthaus Rössli, Café zur Einkehr
Tenna: Berghotel Alpenblick, Pistenbeizli
Safien Platz: z’Cafi
Thalkirch: Berggasthaus Turrahus


H.R. Fricker places individual stones from the Safiental at the centre of his work. For a year he set out in search of distinctive stones that he found in the Rabiusa River, Versam and the Rhine. He has selected 16 stones which are commemorated on placemats and beermats located in almost all the restaurants in the Safiental bringing nature to the table. Similar to the Rabiusa River, the placemats mark a line through the valley. The 16 stones are also available as a 32-piece memento set and the original stones can be seen by the entrance of the Zervreila Power Station in Safien Platz, where they are displayed in a wheelbarrow.

wheelbarrow, stones, placemats, card game, participation

ASSISTANCE: Vreni Fricker, Maria Schnellmann
SUPPORT/THANKS: Hans and Wilma Stutz-Stiftung, Lienhard Stiftung, Dr. Bertold Suhner Stiftung, Kraftwerke Zervreila AG