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Roman Signer: EXPLOSION

Thalkirch Church – GPS: 46.637853, 9.280126


The photographic documentation of a live-action undertaken by the Swiss artist Roman Signer in 1982, this black-and-white photograph exhibit in the vestibule of the Thalkirch church will also be used as the cover of the catalogue “Horizontal-Vertical” which will appear at the end of the exhibition. The photo documentation uses a long exposure to depict 100 meters of explosive cord hanging from balloons as it burns. The vertical line, which shoots into the dark night sky, stands in contrast to the horizontal patches of white snow in the mountain landscape. Known for his time-based sculptures, the combination of fireworks and landscape allows the artist to address the tension between centrifugal force and gravity, between the vertical and the horizontal (Photography: Emil Grubenmann).

Photography, framed, 70 x 50 cm.

SUPPORT/THANKS: Kirchgemeinde Safiental, Josef Felix Müller, Sebastian Lenggenhager