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Bob Gramsma: EGSCHI SHELL, PD#18244

Stausee Egschi – GPS: 46.730214, 9.337920


The Egschisee serves as a reservoir for the Zervreila power plant and in the early summer it is emptied for maintenance. The artist used the lakebed as a natural mold, digging a roughly 13 x 10 x 1 m hole with a shovel excavator which was then reinforced and filled with light concrete. After a three weeks drying phase, the approximately 20-ton shell was driven to the surface by the force of the water returning from the Rabiusa River and since then it has floated as a usable island object in the Egschisee. The sculpture is secured with a long rope to the bottom of the lake and constantly changes location.

Sculpture made of lightweight concrete with hollow body modules and reinforcement, 13 × 10  × 1 m
Visit at your own risk. Max 4 persons.

approx. 5 Min from parking Egschisee

ASSISTANCE: Jon Ruinatscha, Alexandre Fernandes, Joao Ricardeo, Ken Ruinatscha, Johannes Hunger, Wieland Hunger, Michael Reich, Christian Anderrüthi, Michael Vorwerk, Othmar Pally, Sascha Eggmann, Mitarbeiter Forst- und Werkdienst Gemeinde Safiental, Michael Stalder, Martin Schaufelberger
SUPPORT/THANKS: HEW AG, Hunger Safien, Sika AG, Heinze Cobiax Schweiz GmbH, WaltGalmarini AG, Kraftwerke Zervreila AG, GRIBAG Beton AG, Johannes Gredig Transporte, Buchli GmbH, Gemeinde Safiental, Carlo Calmarini, Urs Knüsli