Art Safiental


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Schlüechtli – GPS: 46.7592027,9.3237072


The American artist Lita Albuquerque, who has been an active participant in the Land Art movement since the 1970s, renders the world transparent with her contribution to Art Safiental. On the summit of the Schüechtli she has placed a bright blue female figure, which lays on the floor listening with one ear to the ground. The figure in Safiental is only the one visible part of the artwork, which has a counterpart in a location exactly on the other side of the globe. Off the coast of New Zealand, lying on the ocean floor, an identical figure will be installed. As antipodes and dialogue partners these figures are intended to encompass the entire planet between them and so create a new perspective on the dimension, distance and span of a work of art.

Laser sintered plastic, each 1 × 1.80 m; Distance 12‘742 km
Do not touch. The surface is very sensitive.

approx. 2 hours from Tenna Mitte

ASSISTANCEJasmine Albuquerque, Marc Breslin, Felix Lehner, Mara Meerwein, Sebastian Lenggenhager, Martin Schaufelberger, Michael Stalder, Guido Tenti, Nicole Good
SUPPORT/THANKSAlpgenossenschaft Tenna, Kunstgiesserei St. Gallen, Büro Vorsprung, swisshelicopter, Gemeinde Safiental, Thomas Buchli, Hanna Hölling