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Marianne Halter & Mario Marchisella: APEDROMO

Wanna – GPS: 46.613972, 9.278222


With their sound intervention, Marianne Halter and Mario Marchisella have transformed the backwater reservoir of the Zervreila power plants at Wanna into an imagined autodrome. The stadium loudspeakers, which are positioned on either side of the pool, relay a live broadcast of the buzzing of 3,000 honey bees which have been temporarily settled in bee hives for the artwork. The durational activity of the bees is amplified by microphones in such a way that the noise, coupled with the architectural acoustics of the basin, are reminiscent of the sound experienced at a car racing track. The checkered flag reinforces the imaginary picture of an autodrome conjured in the mind of the viewer.

Audio installation, bee hives, 3000 bees, banner, ca. 360 × 130 m
Operating hours: daily 8:15 – 12:00 and 13:30 – 17:15.
After September bees cannot find enough natural food in Wanna, that’s why they have to be moved back to their winter camp in Valendas. Visitors will listen then to a recording of the same bees instead.

approx. 20 min from Thalkirch/Turrahus (Bushaltestelle)

ASSISTANCERené Müller, Mitarbeiter Forst- und Werkdienst Gemeinde Safiental
SUPPORT/THANKSKraftwerke Zervreila AG, Schlosserei Beat Gartmann, Gemeinde Safiental, HEW AG, René Müller (Imker), Wieland Hunger, Peter Schelling