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Erin Gleason
Below Tenner Chrüz – GPS 46.759987, 9.333018


Threshold marks a passage between river and mountain, town and landscape, spirit and the sublime, ‘art-work’ and art. Taking formal cues from the surrounding mountain snowcaps, the water troughs in adjacent pastures, the town’s church and mountaintop cross, and the traditions of making Zen rock gardens, the installation occupies the width of the footpath at its base, confronting passersby to step through the threshold of luminous stones or to skirt around it. The stones glow at nightfall, and their silver sheen reflect the light quality of the sky during the day. Over time, the shimmer and glow of Threshold will diminish, its mysteriousness fading away as people choose to step through it.

Materials: Rocks from the Rhine River, gravel, silver paint, phosphorescent glow in the dark paint
Medium: land art installation
Size: appx. 6 ft x 4 ft