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Shrines for Nature

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Shrines for Nature

Rashi Jain
Z’Hinderst (Thalkirch) – GPS 46.595560, 9.287958

sprinkles of Turmeric

The Shrines for Nature remind us to be in gratitude to the elements of earth, seed and flower, which bring joy and constant continuity to life. The elements are the dieties inside. The three shrines form an invisible triangle, which symbolizes our levels of existence. The ritual of visiting a physical representation amplifies the moment. Offerings made at the shrines allow us to shed our own selves and become One with nature.

Stones from the valley, turmeric powder, seeds, ceramic, flowers / land art / 2 feet, 1.5 feet, 10 inches (h)

@studiokarva | Facebook: Rashi Jain. Studio Karva