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Zero Star Hotel (Land Version)

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Atelier für Sonderaufgaben: Null Stern Hotel (Land Art Version) 

Gasslihof (Thalkirch) – GPS 46.630998, 9.274016


Initially created in 2008 in a Swiss bomb shelter, Null Stern Hotel is an antithesis of megalomania and luxury. It’s a reproduction of a double bed luxury hotel room. In its Safien Valley version, the bomb shelter has been replaced with an alpine landscape. The visitors are offered an opportunity to book the hotel and spend the night under the stars. The bedroom comes with a local, personal butler service. The artwork generates a unique interaction with the landscape and an exchange with the local community and their traditions.

Installation, Doppelbett, Butlerservice, 4x4x1m
20 min from Thalkirch, 5 min from Gasslihof
Due to popular demand, we are fully booked

Mitarbeit: Patrick Ebi, Marco und Ursina Waldburger, Julian Spescha, Salvatore Pitaro und Roberto Froiio
Dank: Hew AG Bauunternehmung, Zinsli Eisenwaren, Thomas und Tanja Buchli, Cathrin Pedrolini, Jolanda Rechsteiner, Fiona Good, Ursina und Marco Waldburger