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Noa’s Song

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Raumlabor: Noa’s Song

Versam-Safien Station – GPS 46.807507, 9.315461


In a wild Rhine river canyon, artist Axel Timm from the Berlin collective Raumlabor created a sculptural work in the form of a swing. Located in Versam-Safien, close to the train station, which acts as an entry gate to the Safien Valley, the swing’s wooden structure is constructed from trees freshly cut in the surrounding forest. The swing offers a taste of solitude and meditation, where the connection between the user and the natural surrounding—water, rocks, and sky—is most directly sensed. With its unique rhythm, the swing adds one more element to the already breathtaking natural forces at work.

Interaktive Skulptur, Holz, Hanfseil, Lack; 8 x 6 x 3m

5 min from Bahnhof Versam-Safien 

Interaction with the artwork is at your own risk

Collaboration: Ana Andra, Nayari Castillo, Hans Guggenheim, Sebastian Lenggenhager, Bianca Pedrina, Guido Tenti, Giacomo Zaganelli, Jean-Claude Pedrolini, Thomas Rogenmoser
Thanks: Marco Casanova, Alex Messmer, Jolanda Rechsteiner, Martin Schaufelberger, Cathrin Pedrolini, Thomas Schmid, Forstdienst Gemeinde Safiental, Zinsli Eisenwaren, Gemeinde Safiental