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Filippo Minelli: Egofriendly

Tenna (Ausserberg) – GPS 46.751739, 9.341208


A solar powered ski lift in the center of Tenna has been transformed into a kinetic sculpture. Italian artist Filippo Minelli assembled 35 emoticons and other symbols known from popular digital culture into a rotating, semantic system recalling the Lumiére principle. As the lift circulates in a permanent loop, the power of the work lies in the repetitive, postulating character of Minelli’s statements, exposing the layering of ecological and political systems.

Kinetische Installation, Print, Skilift, 450x4x4m

5 min from Tenna

Collaboration: Marta Comini, Stefan Joos, Aurélie Strumans, Guido Tenti
Thanks: Jolanda Rechsteiner, Martin Schaufelberger, Edi Schaufelberger, Barbara Joos, Cathrin Pedrolini, Solarskilift Tenna