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Une échappée belle

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Les Frères Chapuisat: Une échappée belle

Tenner Chrüz – GPS 46.759987, 9.333018


For the past sixteen years, the Swiss artist collective Les Frères Chapuisat has been creating complex architectural wooden structures. The creation of Une échappée belle commenced with an arrangement of a Stammtisch [Ger. regular’s table]. With a 360° panorama, the woven wooden structure served not only as the artists’ accommodation during the entire construction process but since it´s completion now serves as a meeting point for visitors and the local community. Une échappée belle is complimented by a smaller structure located in the neighboring Schlüechtli.

Installation, Fichtenholz, Höhe 2200m
90 min from Tenna
Interaction with the artwork is at your own risk

Collaboration: Caroline Ann Baur, Joerg Bosshard, Gregory Chapuisat, Lisa Hopf, David Lunney, Fabio Pozzorini, Chiara Sgaramella, Alexandra Siegrist
Thanks: Thomas Buchli, Reto Gartmann, Josi Messmer, Martin Schaufelberger, Cathrin Pedrolini, Jolanda Rechsteiner, Walter von Ah, Alpgenossenschaft Tenna