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Com&Com: Bergkanzel

Z’Hinderst (Thalkirch) – GPS 46.595560, 9.287958


“Z’Hinderst” (at the very end of Safien Valley) the Swiss art collective Com&Com has mounted their “Bergkanzel” (“Mountain Pulpit”). The pulpit has been attached to the cliff next to the waterfall. This accessible structure not only invites the visitor to linger, but also to perform an oration directed to the world, to nature or to other beings. On the project website ( one can find a collection of speeches from all over the world that could be performed regularly from the Bergkanzel, extending the temporality of the artwork both spatially and socially.

Installation und Partizipation, Fichtenholz, 3 x 1.5 x 5m
60 min from Turrahus, 40 min from Wanna
Interaction with the artwork is at your own risk

Mitarbeit: Sebastian Lenggenhager, Martin Schaufelberger
Dank: Jolanda Rechsteiner, Guido Tenti, Fiona Good,, Cathrin Pedrolini, Zinsli Eisenwaren, Martin Buchli, Alpgenossenschaft Grossalp