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ASYL – 6 Lichtungen

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H.R. Fricker: ASYL – 6 Lichtungen

Gaststube Alpenblick, Tenna (Mitte) – GPS 46.746882, 9.33956


When the Swiss artist H.R. Fricker recently took a rest on a bench in Tenna, he noticed a clearing in the wooded slope located on the other side of the mountain. It reminded him of a prominent sign seen throughout the Safien Valley, stating “Hasen-Asyl” a [“Rabbit-Refuge”]. In these designated areas, rabbits can feel save and secure. Fricker adapted this idea. The photographs of the clearings can now be seen on the placemats at the restaurant Alpenblick. They offer guests a state of relative security, without omitting a reference to the current political situation.

Intervention and Participation, Tischsets laminiert, 6 Sujets, 42x30cm

Thanks: Gaststube Alpenblick, Tenna