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Permant Installations 

Atelier für Sonderaufgaben (CH)
Founded in 1999 by the twin brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin (*1973), the art firm aims at creating independent and uncompromising art and carrying out special assignments that nobody else feels like taking on. Their projects “Null Stern Hotel”, „Fliegenretten“ or „Bignik“ drew international attention on their work as conceptual artists. Their motto: “the best art is art which is not considered as such, and becomes a part of society.” Web: 

Com&Com (CH)
The art duo Com&Com was founded in 1997 by Johannes M. Hedinger (*1971) and Marcus Gossolt (*1969). They have shown their work in nine Biennales, in solo exhibitions at the Kunsthaus Zürich, Kunst-Werke Berlin, and at the Knockdown Center New York, in group exhibitions at the ZKM Karlsruhe, 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum Shanghai, Pratt Manhattan Gallery New York, and at the Museum of Fine Arts Bern amongst others. Amongst their most notable work are the „C-Files Tell Saga“ (2000, Venice Biennale) and Mocmoc (2003). In 2014/2015, they led two artistic surveys (“Point de Suisse”). With their current project „Bloch“, they travel around the world with a tree trunk. Web:

Jaffa Lam (HK)
Hong Kong based sculptor Jaffa Lam (*1973) works mainly with recycling materials and explores different themes such as local culture, history, society and current events. Lam’s latest work was often carried out collectively in public spaces. Exhibitions in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Kenya, USA und Canada. Web:

Les Frères Chapuisat (CH)
The Geneva based Chapuisat brothers Gregory (*1972) and Cyril (*1976) were awarded international recognition for their seemingly chaotic, airy wooden architectural interventions, as well as other material based labyrinths and installations, often in public spaces. Their installations are physically accessible to audiences for the most part, inviting visitors to explore them. Exhibitions include Villa Merkel Esslingen, Palais de Tokyo Paris, Centre Culturel Suisse Paris, Fine Arts Museum Bern, La Villa Arson Nice, Kunsthalle St. Gallen. Web:

Filippo Minelli (I)
Born in 1983, Filippo Minelli concluded his studies at the New Media Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan. His work concerns itself with architecture, politics, communication and geography through installations and performances that he documents with photography and video. After several years as a street artist, he drew attention to himself with his series « Silence / Shapes » (since 2009). His work was shown at the Venice Biennale, Somerset House London and the Courtauld Insittute of Art London amongst others. Web:

Raumlabor (D)
Raumlabor was founded in 1999 as a collective between different artists and architects that collaborate on various interdisciplinary projects with common goals for architecture, construction, action art, landscape architecture, public space interventions and art installations. Next to their temporary architectures, they also develop projects for institutions like the Munich Kunstraum, Kunstverein Heidelberg, ZKM Karlsruhe, Kampnagel Hamburg and the Architecture Biennale Venice. Their most notable works include “The Kitchen Monument” (since 2006). Web:

Guest Artists

Paul Barsch (D)
Paul Barsch is a visual artist who works with culturally charged materials across media and context. He studied fine art and painting at prof. Lutz Dammbecks class for new media at Dresden Art Academy. In 2010 he co-founded the artist-run space S T O R E contemporary in Dresden and curates and organizes exhibitions. Together with Tilman Hornig he founded the artistic/curatorial project New Scenario in 2015; a dynamic platform for conceptual, post-cube, online exhibitions. He was on of the Initiators of PIZZA PAVILION at Venice Biennale #56 last year and teaches basics of animation at Dresden Art Academy once in a while. He lives and works in Berlin and Dresden.

Delphine Chapuis Schmitz (F)
(*1979 completed a Master Degree in Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts in 2012 after having obtained a PhD in Philosophy in Paris in 2006. She  lives in Zurich. Her artistic practice deals with language in specific situations. Depending on the context in which her work occurs, the texts she appropriates and writes out of collected fragments can take the shape of lectures, performances, audio-installations, or publications. Her works have been at Centre Pompidou, Paris; Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich; Fondazione Ratti, Como a.o. She received a work grant from the City of Zurich in 2015 and from the Culture Office of the Canton of Zurich in 2013. Web:

H.R. Fricker (CH)
Der Appenzeller Konzeptkünstler Hans Ruedi Fricker (*1947) ist seit den 80er Jahren aktiv als Mailartist, Organisator von Kongressen und Kurator. Bekannt wurde Fricker durch seine über hundert selbstgestalteten Briefmarken, rund 1500 bearbeitete Briefumschläge, Stempel und ORTE-Schilder sowie das Alpsteinmuseum und das Museum der Lebensgeschichten. 2011/12 würdigte ihn das Kunstmuseum Thurgau mit einer umfangreichen Retrospektive. Fricker arbeitet an so unterschiedlichen Orten wie dem öffentlichen Raum, dem Briefumschlag, dem Wohnzimmer aber auch im Internet. Web:

Group Exhibition
“Paintings Roughly Reflecting On Humans and Human Habits, But Mostly Viewed By Cows”
Bora Akinciturk (TR)
Beni Bischof (CH)
Adam Cruses (US)
Hamishi Farah (AU)
Anne Fellner (US/CH)
Louisa Gagliardi (CH)
Charles Irwin (US)
lex Rathbone (GB)
Tanja Ritterbex (NL)
Sasha Ross (DE)
Ulrich Wulff (DE)
curated by Paul Barsch (DE)

Participants of the Alps Art Academy

Lara Abu Sharkh Palestine
Marie Louise Andersson Denmark / Germany
Ana Andra Argentina / Germany
Evelin Bünter Iceland / Switzerland
Mirja Busch Germany
Nayari Castillo Venezuela / Austria
Felix Contzen Germany
Raphael Di Canio Germany
Erin Gleason USA
Vivien Grabowski Germany
Hans Guggenheim Switzerland
Lisa Hopf Austria / Germany
Sujin Lim  South Korea
David Lunney  Ireland
Philip Matesic  USA / Switzerland
Phumulani Ntuli  South Africa
Ioanna Papapavlou  Greece / UK
Bianca Pedrina  Switzerland
Jain Rashi  India
Penelope Richardson  Australia / Germany
Petri Saarikko  Finland
Erik Arkadi Seth  Germany
Chiara Sgaramella  Italy
Alexandra Siegrist  Switzerland
Aurélie Strumans  Switzerland
Jaxton Su  Singapore
Margarita Valdivieso  Colombia
Desirée Vidal Juncal  Spain
Cindy Wegner  Germany
Giacomo Zaganelli  Italy