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Jaffa braucht ihre Kleider

Jaffa Lam‘s Aufruf heute in der lokalen Zeitung “Ruinaulta” – Bitte spendet eure Kleider – bringt sie bis am 20. Juni in Pension Alpenblick in Tenna oder zur Tourismus Offive in Versam – Danke!

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Originaler Aufruf:
Hi my dear friends,
I’m an artist from Hong Kong, Jaffa Lam. I’m going to create a rainbow fabric bridge in between old and new bridge in Versam Switzerland. This will be an artwork to connect you and me , local residents and oversea guests from all over the world.

We do need your support by donating your clothes. Whatever new and old, any clothes in any colour, of course, would be great to have any bright colour from Rainbow. No matter size, no matter gender, no matter underwear, no matter jacket, no matter soft, no matter hard, we need your present in this work, to show who is living here. I hope 100 hundred clothes could be collected. More is appreciated.
I hope bird will see it, people in aeroplanes will see it, I do hope google will record it, this is a mark of your home place.
Show your colour to the world!

I will come to pick them up in Safiental on 28 and 29 June, in the same time, I would like to exchange them with my little recycled umbrella fabric work to show my appreciation. You could also drop the clothes in Alpenblick in Tenna (our Academy Centre) or at the Tourist office in Versam (until June 29).

Thank you so much. All my best,
Jaffa Lam