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Landscape #1

The first edition of the new series Lanscape has been  published by VEXER Verlag (Berlin/St. Gallen). Edited by Johannes M. Hedinger and Hanna B. Hölling for the Institute for Land and Environmental Art (ILEA), and featuring leading voices in the discourse, the series is concerned with the theory, history and new tendencies in the art of the peripheric, rural and alpine landscapes.
English/German, 288 pages, 114 images
ISBN 978-3-909090-94-5 
Further information about the book can be obtained here: HERE
1 overs Landscape1


Winners Call for Projects

For  the 2020 edition “Analog-Digital” and in partnership with Migros-Kulturprozent we were able to award three projects with productions grants of a total of CHF 50’000:

• 20’000 CHF for «Prekäre Stellen: ctrl + s» by frölicher | bietenhader (Selina Frölicher, Micha Bietenhader), Zürich. – A digital pixelation installation attached to an abandoned stable in Safiental.

• 15’000 CHF for «#dailysheepnews» by Denis Handschin, Basel.
the artist will undergo a training as a shepherd and live for 3 months on an alp in Safiental with 600 sheep and posts daily on various online channels “SheepNews”.

• 15’000 CHF for «PolyClouds» by Lucie Tuma, Zürich.
A transdisciplinary, on weather and geology research based dance, performance and participative audio walk.


From earlier calls  from Migros Kulturprozent we invited two more projects:

• «kleee» (Winner Digitale Kulturen 2018)
Johannes Gees, Jonas Fehr and Valentin Pfisterer, Zürich. – an experimentell, mobil Laser Performance

• «.SVR» (Winner Digitale Kulturen 2017)
Marc Dubois, Laura Perrenoud, David Colombini (fragmentin), Grandvaux VD – an open air VR-Experience at a weather station high up on a mountain peak.

The Jury 2019: Alain Bellet, Associate Professor at ECAL University of Art and Design Lausanne; Thomas Buchli, Mayor of Safiental; Johannes Hedinger, Curator / artistic director of Art Safiental; Sabine Himmelsbach, Director Haus der elektronischen Künste HEK, Basel; Urs Küenzi, project manager Förderbeiträge, Direktion Kultur und Soziales, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund; Dominik Landwehr, Director Neue Medien, Direktion Kultur und Soziales, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund.


Call for Submissions 2020

The 2020 edition of Art Safiental is dedicated to the theme ‘ANALOG – DIGITAL’ and the relationship between digital culture and land and environmental art. In cooperation with Migros Kulturprozent, up to three production grants will be offered in 2019 for artists working on projects related to the theme of the Biennale. Selected artists will show their work together with 13 other artworks during the curated outdoor exhibition which takes place from July to October 2020. Requirement: applying artists must have Swiss citizenship or live/work in Switzerland for at least the last 6 months. 

The works will be presented throughout the entire Safiental area, largely in non-institutional locations situated in the alpine landscape as well as in semi-public and interior spaces. You can find information about the previous exhibitions here: NEW LAND ART (2016) and HORIZONTAL – VERTICAL (2018).

The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2019. Your project does not have to be finished at the time of application but should be completed by spring 2020. Total funding is up to 50,000 CHF, which is distributed by the jury to 2-3 individual projects.

Funded projects will be announced in June 2019. In the summer/autumn of 2019 selected artists will visit Safiental to determine the final location of the work. Selected projects are to be developed in close dialogue with the curator of Art Safiental. Construction and installation will take place in May-June 2020. The exhibition opens on July 4, 2020, and closes on Oct 18 2020.

Guidelines for application
Apply Online
Enquiries about the competition: Migros Kulturprozent, Dominik Landwehr
Enquiries about the exhibition: Kuratorium Art Safiental


Analia Saban: Sketch for Rock Painting. Art Safiental 2018


Happy New Year

We welcome 2019 with a hike on Piz Schlüechtli visiting “Transparent earth” (2018) by Lita Albuquerque from Art Safiental 2018. Next to Analia Saban the only work still on view.



Finissage Program

Come and join us for the big finale on Oct 20/21. 2018!



Short movie Art Safiental 2018

ART SAFIENTAL 2018 Video overview by Thomas Rickenmann


Art Safiental on 3sat

3sat adopted the report on  Art Safiental from SRF Kulturplatz – as the only segment of their Land Art-Program – translated into standard German and added a new informative intro.


Report on Swiss Television

Yesterday evening Swiss Television SRF broadcasted in its cultural section “Kulturplatz” a program on Land Art (whole report here) – one part portaited also this year’s Art Safiental, including interviews with Bob Gramsma, Gerber/Bardill, Marianne Halter and Mario Marchisella.


Video: Water Castle

For those who missed Steve Rowell‘s splendid film “WATER CASTLE” or want to rewatch, an online version is available now.


Report by Digital Brainstorming

Short visit by Digital Brainstorming from Migros Kulturprozent – Impressions and Interviews with mayor Thomas Buchli and curator Johannes M. Hedinger.