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Art Safiental 2020

The thematic focus of the third Art Safiental is ANALOG – DIGITAL. The temporary Land and Environmental Art artworks are distributed throughout the Safien Valley from Valendas and Versam at the entrance of the valley, to Tenna and Safien in the middle of the valley and Thalkirch and Turrahus at the end of the valley.

Berghotel Alpenblick in Tenna serves as an information center for the exhibition. It houses an art lounge with an indoor exhibition and a small library on the subject of Land and Environmental Art and the participating artists. At this location, the village shops and inns and further information points of Safiental Tourism, you can obtain an art hiking map, free of charge, that details the exact locations of the works of art and some background information about the exhibition, its themes and geographical coordinates.

Works by:
Nancy Baker Cahill (US), James Bridle (UK), Com&Com (CH), Fragmentin (CH), HR Fricker (CH), Frölicher / Bietenhader (CH), Denis Handschin (CH), Bruno Jakob (US/CH), Melodie Mousset (FR/CH), Patrick Rohner (CH), Manuel Rossner (DE), Curdin Tones (CH/NL), Lucie Tuma (CH), among others (Jan 2020)

Curated by: Johannes M. Hedinger

Dates of Exhibition: 18. July – 1. Nov 2020
Opening tbc / Closing event tbc

>Art Hiking Map (overview map with all works & short texts in German/English)

frölicher I bietenhader_ctrl+sfrölicher I bietenhader: “ctrl + s (prekäre Stellen)”, sketch for Art Safiental 2020