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Impressions Egschi Shell

During the guided tour last Sunday there was a possibility to inspect the re-emerged Egschi Shell.
Update 25.8.: the Shell is partially under water again. During the last dry phase of Lake Egschi, there was a damage at the bottom of the shell. We are currently evaluating our options to bring it back to the surface.

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Aug 19: Art Hike

Tomorrow Sunday Aug 19: Guided Art Hike – Art Safiental
There are still some spots open – hurry up and join us for a stroll over Art Safiental with the curator and artists of Art Safiental
meeting point: 9.00 am Tenna (Alpenblick)
end: approx.  5.00 pm Turrahus (or 6pm Versam)
The route, further information and booking: HERE



Egschi Shell floating again

Since two days Bob Gramsma’s “Egschi Shell” is back floating on Egschi Lake!

Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-14 um 12.06.18 Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-14 um 12.04.49


Press Photos online

Here you can download high-resolution press photos from all artworks / installations.

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Art Hiking Map is online

ART HIKING MAP for digital download – and from next week on as a print copy at all Safiental Tourism information points and in the village shops and restaurants in Safiental free of charge. Get the exact locations of all individual works of art and information complementary to the exhibition and participating artists.

Map Ausschnitt


Symposium online

Most of the talks of the Symposium “Horizontal – Vertical” are now online on our Youtube-Channel:

Chris Taylor
Bill Fox
Hanna Hölling
Emily Eliza Scott
Steve Rowell
Sibylle Omlin
Giovanni Carmine
Atelier für Sonderaufgaben
DIG Collective

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-29 um 02.50.24


Artist talks online

All artist talks from the 2. Alps Art Academy can be found on our Youtube channel
H.R. Fricker
Bob Gramsma
Marianne Halter & Mario Marchisella
Lita Albuquerque

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-29 um 02.46.01


Save Egschi Shell!

For reasons of power production, the hydro powerplant Kraftwerke Zevreila emptied the artificial Egschi Lake last week. During this manoeuvre, the shell hit the ground and got damaged. that’s why it is currently under water. Upcoming weekend the reservoir will be emptied again which gives us back the shell. Then we are checking the damages and start planning its rescue. Even the mayor of Safiental called and is willing to support the second life of “Egschi Shell”. – update 2.8.: the water in the lake is currently so low that the shell is on view again, it can also be visited. Currently they are testing the possibilities to make the shell float again. update 10.8.: due to the ongoing heat period, lake Egschi is still without water. this means also that the shell is still on dry ground and not floating, but can be visited.



“Transparent Earth” moved to Schlüechtli

Transparent Earth” by Lita Albuquerque is on view at its new location on Schlüechtli (2283m). After long discussions with the local community about its earlier location and an unfortunate act of vandalism, the organisators decided in consultation with the artist to move the work from Tenner Kreuz up to Schlüechtli. We’d like to thank all involved helpers who dug out the sculpture at the previous site and anchored it at the new site, as well the crew of SwissHelicopter for the appropriate transport from peak to peak.”Transparent Earth” on Schlüchtli is reachable by foot from Tenna Mitte in approx. 2 to 2,5 hours.

Lita Heli

Lita new place 4

lita new place

lita new place 6

Lita new Place 7


Guided Tours Art Safiental

Join us for an Art Hike over Art Safiental! – The guided tours bring you to a selection of the artworks in Safiental. Artists and/or the curator who joins the tour are sharing background information. For Details + Booking go to HERE
There are two tours offered:
Tour A: Tenna – Versam / Tour B: Tenna – Thalkirch.
22. Julz 2018 (with Johannes Hedinger/Jolanda Rechsteiner) – Tour A
19. August 2108 (with Matthias Bildstein, Marianne Halter, Mario Marchisella) – Tour B
23. September 2018 (with Gabriela Gerber, Lukas Bardill, Johannes Hedinger) – Tour A
7. October 2018 (with Jolanda Rechsteiner u.a.) – Tour B